Patrick Fricchione, Jr.

Patrick Fricchione, Jr.Pat Fricchione is proud to serve as President of the company founded by his father and uncles in 1971.

Pat has lead Simplex through its greatest growth and expanded the company’s capabilities from initially just residential construction to their present role as a leading residential and commercial builder of college dormatories, townhomes, hospitals, motels/hotels and much more. Under Pat’s watch, Simplex was also an early adapter of GREEN building technologies and methods. Simplex has won numerous national building, design and marketing awards in the field of GREEN construction.

Pat Fricchione learned the modular business from the shop floor up and has worked in almost every division of Simplex.

In addition to leading day-to-day operations, Pat is responsible for long range planning and overseeing Simplex divisions such as Modern Architectural Modular, Simplex Solar and Cornerstone Building Solutions – all divisions that came into existence under his watch.

Pat Fricchione has served as President of the Building Systems Council (a division of the National Association of Home Builders). He has also served as the President of the Modular Building Systems Association.

Asked to cite recent projects he is proud to have been involved with, Pat noted not one project, but a move into building dormitories and student housing for universities and private developers. “Dormatories changed our business at Simplex. They showed our ability to work with architects and engineers on a large scale. They showed our ability to not just adapt to new construction techniques, but on occasion develop them. Finally they showed our ability to handle very large scale, very expensive projects and to do excellent work under very tight time frames.” Recent dormitory projects completed include those at Mansfield University, Marywood University and Penn State University. Two projects will get underway in early 2014 for the State University System in Southern New York.