Dave Mertz

Dave is hereDave Mertz has dedicated his professional life to the modular industry. With over 25 years of expertise, 15 at Simplex, he brings a customer’s prospective to his work along with a proven ability to get things done.

In addition to planning and implementing sales strategies designed to keep Simplex at the top of the industry, he is responsible for setting and supervising the entire residential sales effort at Simplex. These responsibilities put him in daily contact with all facets of the Simplex operation – from sales to engineering, plant management and more, but it’s the time spent with customers that Dave enjoys most.

Dave Mertz was was also instrumental in the establishment of the new product lines and divisions at Simplex. Modern Architectural Modular, Beach & Shore Homes, Park Model Homes and more, all came about under Dave’s watch. Dave understands the needs of customers and the value of close cooperation with architects and engineers.

Asked to describe one his most interesting projects at Simplex, Dave noted the new Beach & Shore series homes. “Great parts of New Jersey, New York and beyond were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Working with regional builders, we quickly came up with the Beach & Shore Series homes. These homes are built to withstand often devastating wind and waves. The logistics on this project were daunting, but the Simplex team took them on and figured them out for our customers.”