The Baby Boomer Bust …

Over the past several years you can certainly notice a shift in building trends.  Customers are less likely to be young, first time homebuyers and more likely in this market to be someone who fits into the ‘baby boomer’ category who is downsizing or relocating to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  As more Read More

What’s in the Design: An Off-site Road Map

Developer shares the challenges—and the rewards—in the process from conventional to off-site construction. By Jennifer Castenson Originally plublished by: MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE Designing housing has never been an easy task. Now, with the advent of more prefabricated housing, the workflow is changing, and with those changes, the design element because more urgent and more critical. In order to Read More

Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Insulation for Your Home

Simplex Homes offers several different wall insulation options…from standard to high performance.  We have five different wall construction options on display in our Greenfield II model home in Scranton, PA (see images A-E).  These different construction techniques offer insulation values ranging from R-21 to R-30+.  Many northern states are implementing additional requirements for exterior wall Read More

The Benefits of Modular Construction: Fighting Homelessness Across the Globe

by Dylan Snyder Affordable housing is a problem with no simple solutions, but the divide has never been more apparent than it is today. One trend on affordable housing advocates’ radars is that more groups and cities are turning toward modular home construction to combat these issues. The efficiency of this type of building method is Read More