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Charlie Puza

Charles Puza

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Charlie Puza

Every home and every commercial structure built at Simplex is done under the watchful eye of the highly experienced Charlie Puza.

Charlie serves as a Production Manager at Simplex Industries. He brings 30 years of industry experience and expertise to his position - the last 15 years at Simplex.

As Production Manager, Charlie is not only in charge of all construction activity, he also insures that quality is built into each project. Charlie also has a role in hiring of new production employees.

Charlie Puza's position at Simplex has given him hands-on experience in building across all product lines, from Single Family to Multi-Family, from Town Houses to Commercial Buildings. Charlie also supervises production of all Simplex sister companies including Modern Architectural Modular, Park Model Homes and Cornerstone Building Solutions.

A former Simplex Employee of the Year, Charlie sits on the Advisory Board of the Career Technology Center in Scranton where he lends his experience to the next generation of construction professionals. Outside of work Charlie enjoys camping, NASCAR and Woodworking and spending time with his wife and their four boys.

Simplex is a nationally recognized leader in the modular home and commercial modular industry. Many of the techniques used to make modular the superior building method were developed in the two Simplex construction facilities in Scranton, Pennsylvania. For almost 40 years Simplex has proudly remained a family owned and operated company. To learn more about Simplex Industries, visit at