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Alan Harmon

Alan Harmon

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Alan Harmon

Alan Harmon is the newest member to the Simplex team, but he comes with a very impressive resume. With over 31 years of experience, Alan brings an extensive construction and modular background to his new position.

A Tennessee native, Alan is a graduate of The University of Tennessee. He also completed the Pennsylvania of Technology/ Bucknell University & Seta-Cog Energy Star and Green Building program. In addition to his day to day experience, Alan been trained in High Wind Structural Design and numerous Dale Carnegie and American Management Association training courses including: CMH, Excel/AvisAmerica, AMA, All American Homes, Saturn, Dale Carnegie, Fleetwood - Leadership, Supervision, and PMT program.

When not working, this fisherman also enjoys passing along his expertise to the next generation of Modular professionals as part of The Johnson College Construction & Design Advisory Committee.

Alan Harmon is customer-focused and eager to work with the Simplex team and customers representatives to surpass quality expectations.