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2011 Flood Relief

ann arbor Bar Harbor 4 Baxtor
Ann Arbor 1
1300 sq. ft.
Bar Harbor 4
1051 sq. ft.
1520 sq. ft.
Belmont 3 Braxton 3 Northport
Belmont 3
1650 sq. ft.
Braxton 3
2064 sq. ft.
1870 sq. ft.
brookdale 4 Brookcreek 4 Pinehurst
Brookdale 4
1545 sq. ft.
Brookcreek 4
1159 sq. ft.
1417 sq. ft.

Simplex is a nationally recognized builder of the highest possible quality modular homes, a position we’ve held for the past 40 years. We employ many of your friends and neighbors in good paying stable jobs. The community has always been there for us, and now we want to be there for the community. We have altered our construction schedule and made a commitment to this program to help local families in N.E.P.A.

To learn more, please call 1-800-233-4233

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* Fully furnished is having appliances, furniture, and window blinds. See specifications for further details related to these packages.
Does not include anytime for delays caused by inspections or utility hook ups.
Ann Arbor & Bar Harbor are unfinished on the 2nd floor as a standard offering. Completion can be done but would not fall under the 75 days program or included pricing.