And Remember…I am not only a Simplex Account Manager, but I am also a client!

Happy Birthday to The McAllister.  It is hard to believe it has been 2 years since I built my Simplex Industries’ modular home in Paxinos, PA.  The design and construction of my personal home is a great example of how far modular construction has evolved.  With true vaulted ceilings throughout, this build proves that modular Read More


Simplex Recognizes Outstanding Employees

Each year Simplex Homes gives out awards for outstanding performance. This year’s winners are Bill Giordano, who received the Patrick A. Fricchione Employee of the Year Award and Brian Frankovsky , winner of the Henry P. Fricchione (Plant) Employee of the Year Award. Congratulations to Bill and Brian for their outstanding work.


What to Expect for the 2017 Housing Market

Big changes for the country next year will play a part in your ability to buy and sell a home. Ray Boss Jr.of the U.S. News discusses why it’s been a great year for real estate in his December 13th article. http://realestate.usnews.com/real-estate/articles/what-to-expect-for-the-2017-housing-market/ Ray Boss Jr. is a full-time, licensed Realtor for Re/Max Realty Group in Gaithersburg, Read More


Beautiful Beverly!!!

George Belleau, Legacy Development Inc, recently built a new spec home in beautiful Beverly, MA.  George has been a builder in Massachusetts for over 40 years.  He has built hundreds of modular homes around the North Shore of the Boston market over the last four decades.  The house he chose as a spec model is Read More


Modular Construction Eases The Management Of Multiple Job Sites

Becoming more efficient is at the forefront of everyone’s plan to improve work flow. It makes life a lot easier when we can reduce the stresses of complex projects with many moving parts to a single source of responsibility. Take a real estate development project, for instance. It can be difficult dealing with multiple subcontractors Read More


Living The Dream

Living the dream on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.  Have you ever dreamt of living at your favorite vacation spot while having tenants pay for your investment?  Numerous investors have done this for decades.  It is not a new concept, but it is a very intriguing one. Julius Pasys, LithCon Inc, decided to build three duplex homes Read More